I give Emily Resnik Conn my highest recommendation.  Being a lawyer myself, I am a demanding and challenging client.  When our mother passed away, my brothers and I needed legal help to probate and sell a piece of commercial property we inherited in New Haven.  A dear friend recommended Emily.  Emily was able to represent us in both capacities as she has practiced both types of law for nearly 30 years in Connecticut.  Emily worked tirelessly for us over the course of 7 months to probate our property and accomplish a sale to the tenant.  She is a thorough, practical, knowledgeable and compassionate problem solver.  Emily navigated the twists and turns of an increasingly complex set of issues with great skill.  She is the person you want on your side — an excellent negotiator who will stand up for you when things become contentious, while at the same time moving toward a positive resolution.  It was a pleasure to work with Emily and I wholeheartedly recommend her!


My family and my extended family have been clients of Resnik & Resnik for four generations. Many lawyers know the law. Few know how to use the law as expeditiously as Resnik and Resnik to get the results you need.

We’ve been clients of Resnik and Resnik for over 20 yrs. Emily has guided us through several home sales and purchases, business acquisitions, commercial property sales and family estates and trusts. We trust her with everything that is dear to us. She is honest and knowledgeable with her advice and has always steered us in the correct direction. We wouldn’t dream of making a business move without her advice.

Brad and Beth Cohen / B and B Transportation